Mimetic Theory
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Robert Hamerton-Kelly, Th.D.
Dr. Hamerton-Kelley is a founding member of the Colloquium on Violence and Religion. A native of South Africa, he studied at Cambridge University before going on to receive his Th.D. from Union Theological Seminary in New York. Dr. Hamerton-Kelly held several teaching positions, including Professor of Religious Studies at Claremont College, Professor of New Testament Studies at McCormick Seminary (Chicago), and Consulting Professor of Religious Studies at Stanford University before moving into full-time ministry at Woodside Village Church. From 1986 to 1997, Dr. Hamerton-Kelly served as the Senior Research Scholar at the Center for International Security and Arms Control at Stanford, where his research specialties included the ethics of nuclear weapons and of military intervention, with special attention to ethnic conflicts in Central Europe. During this time, he traveled extensively to Europe and was chiefly interested in the psychosocial elements of ethnic conflict, including the issues of vengeance, envy, resentment, and scapegoating, as well as the part that religion plays in these issues. He has worked closely with Stanford colleague Rene Girard on this issue of religion's role in cultural violence. Dr. Hamerton-Kelly has authored several books, including Sacred Violence: Paul's Hermeneutic of the Cross (Fortress 1992); The Gospel and The Sacred: The Poetics of Violence in Mark (Fortress 1994); and Violent Origins: Walter Burkert, Rene Girard, and Jonathan Z. Smith on Ritual Killing and Cultural Formation (Stanford 1988). Since retiring from academics in 1997, Dr. Hamerton-Kelly has devoted his attention to the study of the Greek Fathers of the Christian Church and to writing sermons.

+ A Tribute to René Girard
on his 70th birthday