Mimetic Theory
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+ Mark Anspach
+ Warren Brown
+ Paul Dumouchel
+ Jean-Pierre Dupuy
+ Vittorio Gallese
+ Scott R. Garrels
+ René Girard
+ Robert Hamerton-Kelly
+ William B. Hurlbut
+ Melvin Konner
+ Ann Cale Kruger
+ Andrew N. Meltzoff
+ Trevor Merrill
+ Jean-Michel Oughourlian

Scott R. Garrels
Scott R. Garrels is adjunct professor in the School of Psychology at Fuller Theological Seminary and a licensed clinical psychologist in private practice in Pasadena, California. He earned his doctorate in clinical psychology from Fuller's Graduate School of Psychology where he investigated cognitive and psychosocial deficits in individuals with agenesis of the corpus callosum , a rare congenital brain abnormality. Over the last several years he has written and lectured widely on the interface between René Girard's mimetic theory of human violence, culture, and religion, and contemporary empirical research on human imitation, including the implications of these two fields of research for clinical theory and practice. As a result of his work, he received the Travis Award for Integration in Psychology and Theology from Fuller Theological Seminary (2003) and was awarded a Templeton Advanced Research Program from Metanexus Institute (2006).

+ Imitation, Mirror Neurons, And Mimetic Desire: Convergence Between The Mimetic Theory Of René Girard And Empirical Research On Imitation