Mimetic Theory
Welcome About the Project Participants

+ Mark Anspach
+ Warren Brown
+ Paul Dumouchel
+ Jean-Pierre Dupuy
+ Vittorio Gallese
+ Scott R. Garrels
+ René Girard
+ Robert Hamerton-Kelly
+ William B. Hurlbut
+ Melvin Konner
+ Ann Cale Kruger
+ Andrew N. Meltzoff
+ Trevor Merrill
+ Jean-Michel Oughourlian

Vittorio Gallese , M.D.
Vittorio Gallese is professor of physiology in the Department of Neuroscience of the School of Medicine at the University of Parma. He is renowned as a chief member of the team of researchers that discovered mirror neurons. He has worked at the University of Lausanne, Switzerland, and at the Nihon University of Tokyo, Japan, and in 2002 he was visiting professor at the Institute of Cognitive and Brain Sciences at the University of California at Berkeley. His major research interests are the relationship between action perception and cognition, using a variety of neurophysiological and neuroimaging techniques. He is also interested in developing an interdisciplinary approach to the understanding of the embodied bases of intersubjectivity and social cognition. He has published approximately 100 papers in international peer-reviewed journals and books. He is also co-editor with Maxim Stamenov of Mirror Neurons and the Evolution of Brain and Language (2002).

+ The 'Shared Manifold' Hypothesis: From Mirror Neurons To Empathy

+ Grasping the Intentions of Others with One's Own Mirror Neuron System

+ Cognitive Continuity in Primate Social Cognition

+ A Unifying View Of The Basis Of Social Cognition

+ Action Recognition In The Premotor Cortex

+ Intentional Attunement: Mirror Neurons And The Neural Underpinnings Of Interpersonal Relations