Mimetic Theory
Welcome About the Project Participants

+ Mark Anspach
+ Warren Brown
+ Paul Dumouchel
+ Jean-Pierre Dupuy
+ Vittorio Gallese
+ Scott R. Garrels
+ René Girard
+ Robert Hamerton-Kelly
+ William B. Hurlbut
+ Melvin Konner
+ Ann Cale Kruger
+ Andrew N. Meltzoff
+ Trevor Merrill
+ Jean-Michel Oughourlian

Jean-Pierre Dupuy, Ph.D.
Jean-Pierre Dupuy is Professor of French and, by courtesy, of Political Science, Stanford University, and Professor Emeritus of Social and Political Philosophy, Ecole Polytechnique, Paris. He is a member of the French Academy of Technology and of the Conseil Général des Mines, the French High Magistracy that oversees and regulates industry, energy and the environment. He chairs the Ethics Committee of the French High Authority on Nuclear Safety and Security. He is the Director of the Research Program of Imitatio, a new foundation devoted to the dissemination and discussion of René Girard's mimetic theory. His most recent work has dealt with the topic of catastrophe, and is being translated and collected in a volume to be published by Stanford University Press. His most recent publications include The Mechanization of the Mind (2000), Pour un catastrophisme éclairé (2002), Avions-nous oublié le mal? Penser la politique après le 11 septembre (2002), Petite métaphysique des tsunamis (2005), Retour de Tchernobyl: Journal d'un homme en colère (2006), On the Origins of Cognitive Science (2009), La Marque du sacré (2009), and Dans l'œil du cyclone (2009).

+ Intersubjectivity and Embodiment