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New version of the famous Armor flash game Gun Mayhem is Gun Mayhem 2. If you are a fan of fun and innovative games, you will like playing this game. You can play in single mode, in pair and even with 3 or 4 players.

This new release of Gun Mayhem games brings you 16 challenging levels, each played in different environment. The game has 7 custom modes and new guns and perks. Modes which you can choose are: Last Man Standing, Last Team Standing, Survival, 1 Hit 1 Kill, Gun Game, Gun Game Reversed and Jetpacks.

Gun MayhemHow to play – helpful tips
The goal is not to destroy the enemy, but to throw him off the screen. The player has to jump on the platform to avoid getting shot by the enemy. There is a time delay between enemy pulling the trigger and the bullet reaching you, so you have enough time to dodge the bullet and it is fun to do so.

Basic commands for player 1: arrows for moving on the platform, „Z“ for shooting“ and „X“ for throwing bombs, while player 2 uses: WASD for moving, „T“ for shooting and „Y“ for throwing bombs

First level is played in Venice and it is basically a tutorial which will help you learn how to play and get you familiar with the commands. After that, these levels follow: Easy Al, 2x Easy Al, Triple Jump, Moderate Al, Invisible Man, Dynamite only, Hard Al, Gangster Shotguns etc.

Up to 4 players can simultaneously play the game. You can invite your friends over, grab some snacks and soda and enjoy playing this fun and very simple game.

If you ask me which similar games are there I will say that there are two major candidates: Happy Wheels unblocked and Impossible quiz. Following two games also bring a lot of fun and entertainment and they belong to free to play category.

Basic characteristics of the game
Graphics are very solid, the characters are likeable, and you will be blown away by the colorful background in the style of naive arts. The game is 2D, but gives the impression of 3D. Visually it is very colorful and interesting, you will have the impression of being in a cartoon.

It can be played online on PC and it is available for free.

Play for fun
Gun Mayhem 2 is extremely fun and it can keep you in front of your screen for hours. It is highly rated by the users. This is game where you don’t have to think much or come up with some strategies, you can simply relax and enjoy playing. Even though there are weapons and bombs in the game it doesn’t leave the impression of violence, but instead provides simple fun.