How to play Apple Shooter

How to play Apple Shooter
What inspired the Apple shooter game:

The Apple shooter initially known as the Bow and Arrow game is an easy and exciting game recommendable to all ages. It was exhilarated by Wilhem Tell who was an expert in bow and arrow shooting. Knowing how good Tell and his friend Palnatoki were in shooting, the Danish king Harald Bluetooth forced them to shoot an apple on their son’s heads as a proof to their Marksmanship. To the audience surprise, they were perfect in striking. The game was then called Apple Shooter in his honor. Oh and another awesome new shooting game is Tank Trouble 2, it is free to play by the way.

The role of the game:

The Aim of this game is to make one more accurate and sharp in aiming and shooting. It sharpens our mind and helps one in concentration. For instance for you to avoid hitting the head of your friend, you have to accurately aim at the Head of your friend. Hence keenness is vital.

How to play the Apple shooter game:

The game is mainly controlled and played using the mouse of the computer. You hold the bow and the arrow with your mouse ensure that the computer caser is aiming on the target which is the apple on the head of your friend, then pressing on your left button to draw the bow set to shoot then when you click, the arrow shoots on your target. If you are accurate in your aiming, you hit the apple and if you miss it you might either hit the head of your friend killing him or off the target and the Apple shooter game will end.

A good Acher will ensure that He or she aims properly on the apple to avoid any scratch on the head of their friend. The best aimer is crowned as the hero and the true marksman. It is fun challenging yourself on each level of the game.

Levels of the game:

This game has many levels, as many as more than sixteen. Each shooting level positions the player further from the target. That means the game becomes more technical therefore more exciting to play.

Why Apple shooter game?

Apple shooter game is easy to learn. It requires only the use of the mouse and your concentration. Unlike many other games which a bit technical, this is straight forward and every level gives you more points. Among the archery games, it is the best and most preferable.


Territory War 2

Territory War 2
How do I get through Territory War 2 and Tank Trouble ?. . .Relax sergeant I understand your frustration it’s not as easy as it seems but I have done it before and so will you.

This is what you will do to get through the rebel defenses;

First you need to take note of the different environment and the color of your sworn enemies; the rebel troops who now unlike the previous version are dressed in green uniforms which are not clearly visible since all the action takes place in a jungle.

You will mostly need to use your sniper long range riffle since the enemies are far from you mostly on cliffs and treetops the pistol and the AK47 will be of no use and keep away from the minefields.

Make sure you hide yourself behind tree trunks and always keep your head down or crawl on the ground.

Mind your bullets and avoid shooting without aim for you have few bullets any there are more enemies to kill. If you follow these instructions you are most likely to make it through and save your family who are in the rebel cells. Goodluck in your mission soldier!!

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