Raze – Load your guns for the galactic shootout

Here we are looking at Raze 1, one of the best 2D shooters out there. With the exceptional physics, and the invoking both your creativity and reflexes in the attacking and the defensive challenges, Raze 1 offers the gaming experience you surely don’t want to miss. After a few tries, during which you are likely to die as fast as the expectations of an average teenage garage band, you will quickly find yourself getting more proficient in going after those fairly challenging NPCs, aiming to give you some hard time.

Raze – Load your guns for the galactic shootoutInstructions:

In this deathmatch rush, taking place in the futuristic terrain, your task is pretty simple: shoot to kill until you die. And you will most likely die. The impressive facts about it is that, in order to postpone that unfortunate epilogue, you’re gonna to have to put in some effort. Following the main Raze 4 storyline about the war between the aliens and the planet Earth, or just choosing one of the modes for a quick shootout, you will find yourself surrounded with a bloodbath enhanced by plasma guns and a whole bunch of other options from a considerable variety of armors and weapons. Once you hit the road in Raze 1, you will be left with the sole purpose of staying alive long enough to get around to do whatever your mission is at a given time, getting the chance to check out some of the really nice graphics along the way. Choosing between the various story modes will adjust the rules of the game, and give a great boost to the dynamics of the gameplay.


Even though Raze 1 asks for some getting a grasp on it before you start to boost your score with a couple of kills without dying in the process, the controls are pretty simple. You use W,S,A,D or the arrows to move, duck, or jump(the space button can be used for jumping as well), and you aim and shoot using the mouse. Now, what you need to know is that your aiming accuracy will be altered, depending on your position, so you can expect it to increase when you duck, and to decrease when you are in the middle of a jump and hanging in midair. These changes, however, are not really all that drastic. Also, since you will mostly have more than one weapon, you can pick the one that you need using the 1-9 numbers, or you can simply switch them using Q and E or enter and shift buttons. Additionally, you may pause the game at any time, by pressing P or ctrl, or press tab to review your score.