Learn To Fly 2: The Story of a Flightless Bird

Imagine an innocent penguin that is excited to one day fly through the skies and find out all that it has to offer. On a cold night, it surfs the web and discovers that it can never fly! Well, while you may expect the penguin to give up, it proves you wrong by deciding to do all that it can in order to beat the odds and fly. This is the story of Learn to Fly 2. The excitement that comes with the game is untold. It still has the same addictive qualities that the original game came with but tosses in many new features that will spice up this version of the epic sequel.

2 Learn to Fly is all about launching your penguin from a slope of snow and sending him gliding across the ocean. The excitement that comes with getting to the farthest distance is out of this world. Unlocking new awards and purchasing brand new equipment are acts that will keep you entertained.

The Basic Instructions

While this may sound like a complex game, gaining control could not be an easier task. As the controls are keyboard based, using the left and right arrows or the And D keys to move thepenguin left, right, up or down will let you play accordingly.

The space bar activates any propeller system that is attached to the flying equipment. Clicking or double-tapping on the Sleigh, Glider or Boost will enable you to make the most of the game.

The best way to start the game is by keeping at a minimum level. This will enable it to maneuver through the water surface.

Your goal here is simple; to fly high for as high, long and as far as possible. Maintaining the right flight distance will get you a good amount of money. Also, having a record breaking flight time enables you to be rated from one to three. Dominating all three categories will make you one rich penguin!

Learn To Fly 2: The Story of a Flightless BirdThe Level Achievements

Each level of the game comes with a specific level of upgrades and achievement. A particular number of achievements are needed to get you to each level. Once completed, you will have a cash reward that will propel your penguin even further.

Ramp Height: This upgrade enables you to start higher up.

Boost: It gives you the quick head start that you need.

Air Resistance: Even if you have a god starting height, you need to maintain a great resistance in order to speed for a longer time.

Gliders: Air Resistance works best with a great glider, otherwise, you will drop like a flightless bird!

The Bottom Line

Any player who loves a good challenge will find Learn To Fly unblocked particularly interesting. After all, it has already made an impact since its release.