How to play Apple Shooter

How to play Apple Shooter
What inspired the Apple shooter game:

The Apple shooter initially known as the Bow and Arrow game is an easy and exciting game recommendable to all ages. It was exhilarated by Wilhem Tell who was an expert in bow and arrow shooting. Knowing how good Tell and his friend Palnatoki were in shooting, the Danish king Harald Bluetooth forced them to shoot an apple on their son’s heads as a proof to their Marksmanship. To the audience surprise, they were perfect in striking. The game was then called Apple Shooter in his honor. Oh and another awesome new shooting game is Tank Trouble 2, it is free to play by the way.

The role of the game:

The Aim of this game is to make one more accurate and sharp in aiming and shooting. It sharpens our mind and helps one in concentration. For instance for you to avoid hitting the head of your friend, you have to accurately aim at the Head of your friend. Hence keenness is vital.

How to play the Apple shooter game:

The game is mainly controlled and played using the mouse of the computer. You hold the bow and the arrow with your mouse ensure that the computer caser is aiming on the target which is the apple on the head of your friend, then pressing on your left button to draw the bow set to shoot then when you click, the arrow shoots on your target. If you are accurate in your aiming, you hit the apple and if you miss it you might either hit the head of your friend killing him or off the target and the Apple shooter game will end.

A good Acher will ensure that He or she aims properly on the apple to avoid any scratch on the head of their friend. The best aimer is crowned as the hero and the true marksman. It is fun challenging yourself on each level of the game.

Levels of the game:

This game has many levels, as many as more than sixteen. Each shooting level positions the player further from the target. That means the game becomes more technical therefore more exciting to play.

Why Apple shooter game?

Apple shooter game is easy to learn. It requires only the use of the mouse and your concentration. Unlike many other games which a bit technical, this is straight forward and every level gives you more points. Among the archery games, it is the best and most preferable.


Enjoy Playing Zombie Trailer Park Online

The Zombie Trailer Park is a free online flash game, developed by Ninja Kiwi, an Auckland-based online and mobile video game developer in New Zealand. It is a bloody protect-your-base game, which has made the leap to the App Store. Amusingly, this free online game has been converted with approximately no alterations, except for the interface, and to balance for this, the cost tag is an amazingly reasonable $0.

About the game 

The Zombie Trailer Park game itself is a quite typical Castle protection setup, with money being earned sooner or later and units being procured to run into their opposition blindly, pending you have pushed them back and demolished their stronghold. This main aim of this game is to protect your trailer park while you obliterate the zombie base. You can construct Angry Farmer, Shovel Men, and other units to protect your trailer park against the immortal mass. Destroying zombies as well earns special points, which can be turned in to make special abilities active that assist to push back a physically powerful assault or finalize the win. Oh and you can also try Tank Trouble unblocked, it is kinda similar game where you have to shoot your enemies and destroy them, plus in this game you can play in two player mode as well as three player mode.

The major problem with this online flash game is that it is too small for the small iDevice displays, though the wonderful zoomed-out outlook may have worked sensibly well on big computer monitors. This makes it easy to overlook things, such as jumping zombies, pending they are previously at your trailer park. It is not a major problem and definitely not something to mourn as long as the game remains free.

Enjoy Playing Zombie Trailer Park OnlineControls of the game

The only control available to play the Zombie Trailer Park game is the mouse. You can use your mouse to interrelate with the game elements and navigate the menu. You can buy warriors and upgrades by means of the mouse.

How to play the game?

There are only four levels to complete the game successfully, with each one escalating the challenge while undoing additional skills to assist players out. With the city, ruined by the armed forces of the bloodthirsty, brain-consuming zombies have turned their concentration on your trailer park. You have to fight back with spades, a makeshift crowd of irritated farmers, and bitter survivalists. It will not take players experienced in playing flash games much time to fully finish the game, although players can vie for the fastest occasions on Game Center.

Play Online Gun Mayhem @

in game menu screenshot
New version of the famous Armor flash game Gun Mayhem is Gun Mayhem 2. If you are a fan of fun and innovative games, you will like playing this game. You can play in single mode, in pair and even with 3 or 4 players.

This new release of Gun Mayhem games brings you 16 challenging levels, each played in different environment. The game has 7 custom modes and new guns and perks. Modes which you can choose are: Last Man Standing, Last Team Standing, Survival, 1 Hit 1 Kill, Gun Game, Gun Game Reversed and Jetpacks.

Gun MayhemHow to play – helpful tips
The goal is not to destroy the enemy, but to throw him off the screen. The player has to jump on the platform to avoid getting shot by the enemy. There is a time delay between enemy pulling the trigger and the bullet reaching you, so you have enough time to dodge the bullet and it is fun to do so.

Basic commands for player 1: arrows for moving on the platform, „Z“ for shooting“ and „X“ for throwing bombs, while player 2 uses: WASD for moving, „T“ for shooting and „Y“ for throwing bombs

First level is played in Venice and it is basically a tutorial which will help you learn how to play and get you familiar with the commands. After that, these levels follow: Easy Al, 2x Easy Al, Triple Jump, Moderate Al, Invisible Man, Dynamite only, Hard Al, Gangster Shotguns etc.

Up to 4 players can simultaneously play the game. You can invite your friends over, grab some snacks and soda and enjoy playing this fun and very simple game.

If you ask me which similar games are there I will say that there are two major candidates: Happy Wheels unblocked and Impossible quiz. Following two games also bring a lot of fun and entertainment and they belong to free to play category.

Basic characteristics of the game
Graphics are very solid, the characters are likeable, and you will be blown away by the colorful background in the style of naive arts. The game is 2D, but gives the impression of 3D. Visually it is very colorful and interesting, you will have the impression of being in a cartoon.

It can be played online on PC and it is available for free.

Play for fun
Gun Mayhem 2 is extremely fun and it can keep you in front of your screen for hours. It is highly rated by the users. This is game where you don’t have to think much or come up with some strategies, you can simply relax and enjoy playing. Even though there are weapons and bombs in the game it doesn’t leave the impression of violence, but instead provides simple fun.

Territory War 2

Territory War 2
How do I get through Territory War 2 and Tank Trouble ?. . .Relax sergeant I understand your frustration it’s not as easy as it seems but I have done it before and so will you.

This is what you will do to get through the rebel defenses;

First you need to take note of the different environment and the color of your sworn enemies; the rebel troops who now unlike the previous version are dressed in green uniforms which are not clearly visible since all the action takes place in a jungle.

You will mostly need to use your sniper long range riffle since the enemies are far from you mostly on cliffs and treetops the pistol and the AK47 will be of no use and keep away from the minefields.

Make sure you hide yourself behind tree trunks and always keep your head down or crawl on the ground.

Mind your bullets and avoid shooting without aim for you have few bullets any there are more enemies to kill. If you follow these instructions you are most likely to make it through and save your family who are in the rebel cells. Goodluck in your mission soldier!!

P.S. If you are more into sport games you should probably visit:

Play Super Smash Flash 2 Online – SSF2 – McLeodGaming’s awesome fighting game

Play Super Smash Flash 2 Online – SSF2Super Smash Flash 2 has existed since 2010, and a variety of iterations, community discussions, upgrades, and new characters have consistently made this frenetic substitute for the famous Nintendo series pretty alluring. It requires several years for Nintendo to release a brand new Smash bros title and, therefore, lots of characters get passed up. However, Super Smash Flash can easily realize the dreams of the fans.

This game is actually based on Adobe Flash and, thus, one can play it on several platforms. It is possible to play Super Smash Flash on a PC that runs Microsoft Windows, you can play it on a Mac, and you may even play it online. You simply need to visit McLeodGaming’s official site.

What are the Controls?

First of all, Super Smash Flash is a free-to-play fighting game intended for computers. The game has been made in Flash and this gives it additional flexibility. The controls are incredibly dense. The characters can be moved by the use of the conventional arrow buttons. Almost all attacks can be powered up simply by holding the corresponding button. The controls are actually coded to WASD as well as the adjacent letters; however, they are easy to customize.

Take a look at unblocked Pacman game as well. This is legendary classic game brought back to life on flash platform. You can play it in your browser at

The game instructions:

The U is utilized for grabbing, the I is meant for the shielding functions, and the O is intended for the first type of attack whilst the P is for the second kind of attack. The gamer may also utilize the 1 for the taunt. Player 2 will use 5 as the grab, 1 as the shield, 2 as the first assault option, 3 for the second strike and 4 for the taunt. One can use the O for the pause and for starting another battle double space can be used.

How does it compare?

This game has been built very similar to the main series it mines from. A very important part of this particular game review is exactly how well it comes close to the main series as a combating title. The battle is deep as well as dizzying. Gamers can get lost memorizing the moves which match the Super Smash Bros Brawl. This consists of the up attack, the down attack, left attack, as well as the specific directional power hits. Everything plays much like the main game it is influenced by, which is the best consolation the indie creators could just ask for.

Probably the most addicting section of the game (besides its addicted community) is the characters that are playable. In general, Super Smash Flash 2 is a frantic action game perfectly created for the SSF fanbase as well as the indie community.

Madness inside puzzle game – Impossible Quiz

Long time no see fellas, today we are going to see some mad puzzle game, I mean really mad game with chaos and weird stuff which is beyond logic and common sense – Impossible Quiz!

The Impossible Quiz

Game is based on questions and you will have to answer correctly, might sound easy right? Wait till you see what kind of questions are there LOL.

First of all questions are truly weird, they kind of don’t make any sense and answers to these questions are nuts as well, it will take you a while to figure out what kind of madness is hidden inside Impossible Quiz game series!

Sometimes you may even see random words or random pictures and you will have to use each cell of your brain in order to understand what exactly game wants from you and how to succeed in it.

Game is really popular in internet today, may people like this kind of weird things and this is why game has different versions and modifications. In each case you will see whole new set of questions and puzzles which are designed to give you a headache! Answers for all questions can be found at

But still, game is truly funny to play it is some kind of genre where humor, funny stuff and puzzle comes together, you may have seen a lot of question-answer based games, but none of them can be as interesting as Impossible Quiz.

Another great thing is that this flash game is completely free and you can play it on various sites, just visit the site and you are ready to go, simple as that. In order to control the game, just use your mouse and select different answers (the ones which you consider correct of course).

Quest 32

Well you really should try this mad game, would love to hear what would be your personal record and how much score you will collect, mine was pretty low sadly.

Looking forward to see your comments guys!


Learn To Fly 2: The Story of a Flightless Bird

Imagine an innocent penguin that is excited to one day fly through the skies and find out all that it has to offer. On a cold night, it surfs the web and discovers that it can never fly! Well, while you may expect the penguin to give up, it proves you wrong by deciding to do all that it can in order to beat the odds and fly. This is the story of Learn to Fly 2. The excitement that comes with the game is untold. It still has the same addictive qualities that the original game came with but tosses in many new features that will spice up this version of the epic sequel.

2 Learn to Fly is all about launching your penguin from a slope of snow and sending him gliding across the ocean. The excitement that comes with getting to the farthest distance is out of this world. Unlocking new awards and purchasing brand new equipment are acts that will keep you entertained.

The Basic Instructions

While this may sound like a complex game, gaining control could not be an easier task. As the controls are keyboard based, using the left and right arrows or the And D keys to move thepenguin left, right, up or down will let you play accordingly.

The space bar activates any propeller system that is attached to the flying equipment. Clicking or double-tapping on the Sleigh, Glider or Boost will enable you to make the most of the game.

The best way to start the game is by keeping at a minimum level. This will enable it to maneuver through the water surface.

Your goal here is simple; to fly high for as high, long and as far as possible. Maintaining the right flight distance will get you a good amount of money. Also, having a record breaking flight time enables you to be rated from one to three. Dominating all three categories will make you one rich penguin!

Learn To Fly 2: The Story of a Flightless BirdThe Level Achievements

Each level of the game comes with a specific level of upgrades and achievement. A particular number of achievements are needed to get you to each level. Once completed, you will have a cash reward that will propel your penguin even further.

Ramp Height: This upgrade enables you to start higher up.

Boost: It gives you the quick head start that you need.

Air Resistance: Even if you have a god starting height, you need to maintain a great resistance in order to speed for a longer time.

Gliders: Air Resistance works best with a great glider, otherwise, you will drop like a flightless bird!

The Bottom Line

Any player who loves a good challenge will find Learn To Fly unblocked particularly interesting. After all, it has already made an impact since its release.


Raze – Load your guns for the galactic shootout

Here we are looking at Raze 1, one of the best 2D shooters out there. With the exceptional physics, and the invoking both your creativity and reflexes in the attacking and the defensive challenges, Raze 1 offers the gaming experience you surely don’t want to miss. After a few tries, during which you are likely to die as fast as the expectations of an average teenage garage band, you will quickly find yourself getting more proficient in going after those fairly challenging NPCs, aiming to give you some hard time.

Raze – Load your guns for the galactic shootoutInstructions:

In this deathmatch rush, taking place in the futuristic terrain, your task is pretty simple: shoot to kill until you die. And you will most likely die. The impressive facts about it is that, in order to postpone that unfortunate epilogue, you’re gonna to have to put in some effort. Following the main Raze 4 storyline about the war between the aliens and the planet Earth, or just choosing one of the modes for a quick shootout, you will find yourself surrounded with a bloodbath enhanced by plasma guns and a whole bunch of other options from a considerable variety of armors and weapons. Once you hit the road in Raze 1, you will be left with the sole purpose of staying alive long enough to get around to do whatever your mission is at a given time, getting the chance to check out some of the really nice graphics along the way. Choosing between the various story modes will adjust the rules of the game, and give a great boost to the dynamics of the gameplay.


Even though Raze 1 asks for some getting a grasp on it before you start to boost your score with a couple of kills without dying in the process, the controls are pretty simple. You use W,S,A,D or the arrows to move, duck, or jump(the space button can be used for jumping as well), and you aim and shoot using the mouse. Now, what you need to know is that your aiming accuracy will be altered, depending on your position, so you can expect it to increase when you duck, and to decrease when you are in the middle of a jump and hanging in midair. These changes, however, are not really all that drastic. Also, since you will mostly have more than one weapon, you can pick the one that you need using the 1-9 numbers, or you can simply switch them using Q and E or enter and shift buttons. Additionally, you may pause the game at any time, by pressing P or ctrl, or press tab to review your score.